Projects in Development


“I am not alive, I am a ghost.”


In a prosperous, black home, in a London suburb, lives Jacqueline, a teenage domestic slave. For  years she has had no sense of herself beyond her world of servitude and confinement. She is dominated by her “Aunty” and “Uncle”, and controlled by their physical and psychological torture. Kali, a little girl trafficked from Sierra Leone, is brought into the house to be “broken in”. Her humour, kindness and love provoke subtle and fundamental changes within Jacqueline. Their separation unleashes a torrent of repressed emotion and spurs Jacqueline towards an uncertain future, but one where she dares to be in control.

30 mins. HD



2 Responses to Projects in Development

  1. Tunji says:

    I have no other request other than to say please consider me when you start searching for a Cinematographer to shoot ‘Boots’

    Like the website. Its unique, personal and engaging.

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