Short Films

Written & Directed by Jillian Li-Sue

Cedar Wood & Silk

14 mins. 1995 UK

Super 16

“There are some things that mothers and daughters share, but there are also many secrets that they keep.” Cedar Wood & Silk is about handing things down from one generation to another. It’s about the perspectives Jamaican mothers have of their British-born daughters and vice versa and the battles they have with clothes. Fashion has a lot to answer for.

Screenings/Awards: BBC TV’s Windrush series 1998

watch Cedar Wood & Silk

Songs for our Daughters

8 mins. 1995 UK

Super 16

West Indian women living in the UK discuss the ways in which they pass their heritage and culture on to their daughters. Using traditional Caribbean songs, rhythms and proverbs, this beautifully crafted film explores the intimacy of matriarchal relationships.

Screenings/Awards: 11th Birmingham International Film Festival 1995

Carlton Television 1995

BBC TV’s Windrush series 1998

watch Songs for Our Daughters

Ursulena’s Box

11 mins. 1992 UK

16mm Colour

In 1929, Vincent’s great-grandmother, Ursulena, died in her village in Jamaica. He recalls this, his first experience of bereavement, whilst comparing it to his wife’s death in Britain in 1989. Ursulena’s Box is the story of a man who finally remembers how to say goodbye.


Black Filmmakers in the Hall of Fame 1995 (2nd Place, Cross-Cultural Category)

watch Ursulena’s Box


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  1. alan says:

    Just saw your website. Please see my site I am an independent writer/director, so we may be able to help each other. I have camera/lights/sound/editing.

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