Hello, I’m Jillian Li-Sue, the person behind Rosenthal Films. I’m an award-winning, mixed-race, female film-maker with a chequered career behind me and beguiling things ahead. This is more than a series of essays about films, making them and analysing them – it’s about the passion and despair of being a practitioner.

My enthusiasm for film has waxed and wained over two decades, in and out of the industry. I’ve seen many people come and go, the odd government too. I’ve lived and worked through two recessions, raised a couple of children and buried both my parents.

I’ve written and directed shorts, corporates, music videos, documentaries – you name it. Starting in the cutting rooms of Soho, over twenty years ago, in the misogynistic, drink-fuelled, hierarchical world of 35mm feature editing I never thought I would encounter, let alone embrace, the super economical, do-it-yourself film making of the YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter generation. But here I am: a hybrid, ecclectic, unconventional person with lots to say and much to show.


4 Responses to About

  1. gem.price@sky.com says:

    Hi Jill

    Not sure if you will remember me but I was involved with Resting – I was a student at Warrington back then! Hope you are well? Love the site!!!

    I am now an accountant and I too have a little girl! I have recently moved back to North Wales – loving being back by the sea.

    I was just wondering if you have a digital copy of resting – only copy i can find is a vhs one 😦

    Best wishes

    • suebandooli says:

      Hi Gemma

      Of course I remember you! Congratulations on becoming a mum (welcome to the club!) I also have a VHS copy, but if you look up Phil Batty on Facebook, he will direct you to the YouTube link for Resting! I’m on Facebook too!

      Lots of love

  2. Parkjog says:

    Very blunt.
    Great way to introduce yourself, “an award-winning, mixed-race, female film-maker”. Not that many ethnic faces in the industry, particularly in post & distribution. Of the few there are of us, we seem very locate-able.

    Keep it up.

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