The Rivals by James Naughtie

I’m enjoying this unofficial biography far too much. One of the many passages which caught my eye gives an amusing yet critical insight to the nature of the relationship between the PMO & the press:

The 2001 General Election Campaign… Two weeks before polling day Blair captured the lead story in the Financial Times with an interview for the paper in which he sounded enthusiastic about the prospect of euro membership when the circumstances were right. A stream of soothing balm was directed at the City. On the same day the Sun carried an article under Blair’s name which was carefully crafted to sit happily  with the government’s formula but to invite the interpretation  that this was a Prime Minister who would never bounce his country into some foreign currency, an assurance which duly appeared on the front page in a form that made it sound like a sign of relief from Wapping. In Downing Street, the judgement was that the crossover readership would be small.

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