Last of the Media Studies Exams

The A2 Media Studies exam should be over by now. So, why am I still tense? Today I saw my YR13 students, some looking grim, others confident, going down the corridor towards the exam hall. I smiled and waved encouragement, but I bet that my butterflies were as numerous as their own. Our AS students who took their Media exam a month ago are back already and looking forward to next year and brainstorming ideas which they hope to research. Not everyone will be coming back to Media in YR13. It’s a sad truth, but the academic rigour required is considerable and not everyone will be willing, desirous or able to step up a gear or two. That said, I’ve been privileged to witness transformations during this year and that’s really heartening. I won’t dwell on GCSE as I haven’t taught the current crop of YR11s, whose exam took place on Monday. In the meantime I’ve got a lot of reports to complete and grades to input, so I ought to be getting on with that. Teaching is like parenting on a grand scale, but as with all young ones – one day they have to go out and get on with things all by themselves – and you can’t be there.

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